Download results below from each session of play from the European Mixed Curling Championship 2013.

Quarter-Final, Semi-final and Medal Game results will only be available online here to view results from all sessions and live scores.

Following the Medal Games, the final standings will be published.


   EMCC Medal Game Results / Final StandingsPDF114Kb   
   EMCC Results Draw 16PDF129Kb   
   EMCC Results Draw 15PDF128Kb   
   EMCC Results Draw 14PDF129Kb   
   EMCC Results Draw 13PDF129Kb   
   EMCC Results Draw 12PDF129Kb   
   EMCC Results Draw 11PDF125Kb   
   EMCC Results Draw 10PDF129Kb   
   EMCC Results: Draw 9PDF128Kb   
   EMCC Results: Draw 8PDF128Kb   
   EMCC Results Draw 7PDF121Kb   
   EMCC Results: Draw 6PDF129Kb   
   EMCC Results: Draw 5PDF129Kb   
   EMCC Results: Draw 4PDF125Kb   
   EMCC Results: Draw 3PDF127Kb   
   EMCC Results: Draw 2PDF124Kb   
   EMCC Results: Draw 1PDF120Kb   
Some files may require programs or viewers to open or view the download: Acrobat Reader

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